Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My last week via Instagram!

I love Instagram!
Sometimes it just takes a simple shot to sum up a happy moment or to capture something that makes you smile...these are some of my happy moments from the last week!
My little lion (Crunchie) curled up on the sofa sleeping... 
Evie made us all Toffee Apples for after dinner with her play dough...
 We were woken with the purring of a cat (Crunchie again) which made Evies morning!  She would have them sleeping in the room if we let her!
Evies night light...she forgets its on though but thankfully its only battery operated! lol
First day out of the house in over a week, I managed to hobble to the park with Stuart and the kids but thanks to SPD it killed me for the rest of the week :(   The kids have so much fun though and Stuart takes them most days, Nina chases the boys all over and loves to be out and running!
 Peeps!  The first time we have tried these - they just look perfect for an upcoming Easter project but Evie and Ethan broke into one of the packs already!
 Nina settled in her new bed (ok so its an oversized plastic crate filled with old blankets and cushions but she loves it and it means we don't have dog hair on the sofa anymore!!) wohoo!!
My baby house!  We have never known a baby wriggle like this one!  She is constantly bouncing off the walls in there and you can really tell when shes awake as theres no stopping her!  This was taken one night while I was trying to sleep - unsuccessfully!
 Twix isn't a cuddly cat with me but decided to favour my shoulder one night which I knew needed to record it!  It was lovely ...except the claws in the neck!
Stuart building up the Teepee we have been sent to review! Evie said it was the beautifullest thing shes ever seen!  lol
That was last week in recap :) 
I enjoyed looking through them so think I may make this a regular thing - as long as I remember to take the pics for Instagram to start with! lol
Do you use Instagram? 
I would love to follow and see what you all get up to too :)


  1. Catching up on blog posts - looks like you had the most wonderful week
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Aww lovely pics - am a mad animal lover to I adore your pets! Plus I love the toffee apples - too cute! Take care xoxo


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