Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Life with a crafty 3 year old!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised really considering she has seen me crafting since day one but Evies love of making things just blows me away!
She wakes up and asks what we are making today? 
 Can we paint? 
Bake cookies? 
Make play dough?!
There's no stopping her! haha
When we were asked to be part of the Baker Ross Blogger Network I knew I didn't even need to ask her if we should take part - we jumped at the chance and are very honoured to be able to play with such a selection of fabulous goodies!
So far this week we have made 2 foam treasure chests for Mothers day and we will fill them with homemade cookies and treats!
Evie loved sticking the hearts and stars on to decorate, she needed a little help putting it together but held each piece until I needed it (....she has to know shes done as much as she can to help!) 
I think its a girl thing! ;)
We also painted some Mothers Day cards..
It was easier for her to ignore the fiddly bits and just go straight for mass coverage! ;)
 (the only bit I did on this card was to paint the face over the hair (...otherwise it made me look eerily like the girl from The Grudge and freaked me out a little!!) 
Evie was so funny as she wanted to wear her Snow White dress  but wouldn't put it on until she had done the painting .... "i might get paint on my pretty dress"...
After a Nutella sandwich (...her current Princess lunch!) and a change of clothes, Snow White was ready to add the finishing touches...
She explained it all to me!
 I have a bracelet (which im presuming is wrapped around my neck!), the biggest smile in the world and heart boobies!!
Oh well if you have to have them on display at least make them pretty! lol 
Im going to link up all the items used during this post down below so that if you fancy having a crafty afternoon with your little one then they are all to hand :)
We are now off to eat the gingerbread men (...and butterflies and crowns!) we made yesterday,
...a nice ice cold glass of milk while sitting in the sun too - oh the joys of spring!
We received a box of supplies from Baker Ross as part of the Blogger Network, All opinions are my own.

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  1. She'll be writing a craft book next!! That card is lovely, I assume the bracelet around the next is the mothers day gift
    Julie xxxxx


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