Sunday, 23 March 2014

Behind the Scenes!

We decided this weekend we would take a trip to both my mums and hubbys mums to drop off Mothers Day pressies early and scope out hiding places for the Easter Eggs!
Tying it all in together for an upcoming post about a big Easter Egg picnic that I have planned!  
The kids are so excited and when I tried to take a photo of them on the way this was the result.
..why did I expect a normal picture!! lol 
Crazy kids!
We have so much planned for all the kids, mum lives on a retirement park near a castle so the perfect setting for a huge Easter Egg picnic party with grandchildren of some of the residents and others popping by to sample the dessert table and play all the games we have planned!   Together with some lovely people that I am reviewing products for its going to be AMAZING!!
The fabulous Hen & Hammock have sent a giant jenga set for us to play with and review - was plain wood (oh yes... freshly cut wood smell when I opened the hessian sack - doesn't get better than that!) but I decided to paint it pastel colours to tie in with the whole Easter theme and may even pop some spring time quotes on some or little challenges the kids have to do - of course they wont see them until its too late and they've already popped them out of the tower! 
Might be a good way to tire them all out! lol
With am Easter Beach BBQ (lots of games, food and grown up fun!) planned too I can see lots of exciting things coming up with recipes, challenges, home made games and party planning posts :)
Must get back to the paint brush - Ive done baby blue, pastel pink and chocolate brown (well it is Easter after all!) and I have 12 bricks to paint in a lovely pale sage colour now...
Do you have anything planned for Easter?

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  1. Purple jenga! Fab idea! Never thought of painting it! Love the pic of the kids - Im lucky if I get one of them looking the right way! x


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