Sunday, 17 May 2009

All sewn up....

Today i have made boys bunting for the first time - i love how the colours turned out and think it works well :) Ive cut out the bits for more orders and now they just need sewing - too late now so will finish them off tomorrow :)

I now have 12 of my blanket crochet squares done so hopefully i can keep going at this rate and see a finished product soon. I keep drooling over the sherbert colours as theyre stacking up - its certainly not a boys blanket! :)
Back to routine tomorrow, ive something special planned for next weekend and its payday on Wednesday,bills to pay and food shopping to do - oh the joys - bring this next week on!


  1. I cant wait to see your crochet blanket. xxxx

  2. oh such cute bunting! it is often quite girly, so sweet to see some a little different! x


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