Thursday, 7 May 2009

Thank you :)

Thanks for all the lovely comments and emails about what happened re. previous post. To say i was shocked was an understatement, now im not so much shocked...........just angry! Its a shame its come to the point where we have to vet EVERYTHING we say incase its taken the wrong way or twisted around to someones warped sense of being.

Eckhart Tolle said... "Whenever anything negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it, although you may not see it at the time" - Page 147 of A New Earth.

.....and with that i wont waste one more minute on someone who isnt worth my time :)

Moving on...

How cool is this Keep Calm picture, and can i for the life of me find a pink poster .........NO! Red, yes.....Blue, yes........Pink, can i heck find one! This is my notelet box with some essentials inside...... dont forget notelets! I dont know if its an age thing or a 4 kid thing but my memory is just so bad lately! lol
LOL and on that note heres another remembering card! Made for Hero arts challenge where you had to stamp on something other than card/paper. I stamped onto the ribbon and used it as the bunting tape :)Signing off for the night, ive been out teaching a class and im shattered - though i think that has more to do with the 30 min walk and 1 hour of yoga i did today! lol


  1. Love the pink poster, if you find one pleeeeease let me know!
    I've just read your last post, i'm speechless, there are some sick people out there!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. I too love the pink one and thought I would never find one, then a fellow SC Cafe friend wanted to swap her pink one for my red one :) I can ask her if you would like me to, where she got it from :)


  3. i adore that poster too debbie :)
    there is a pink one here

  4. I love your poster, I have seen this poster on quite a few blogs, where do they sell them, I have not seen them in any shops. xxxx

  5. Hi,

    This is the first time I have read your blog. It's awful what was happening on your site, it will certainly make me think more carefully when writing on the site and about putting pics of my daughter on there (I had only put one on until yesterday's post, but it's def something to consider!).

    If it's any consolation, when I was looking at the hits on my site, I have recently found out that "Victoria Rose" is also a well known (but not to me!) star of the more explicit adult movie variety...

    What is the world coming to....

    Rose XXX

  6. Found one for you in ....Pink ... on amazon £4.99 Love your blog go take a peek at mine x

  7. got my bunting - loves it :)
    also pinky keep calm sign is here:

  8. I swapped my pink one with Mary Poppins - it was from sfgirlbybay on etsy, a bit pricier than a lot of them because they're hand screenprinted but very lovely :) x


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