Friday, 15 May 2009

Crochet update....

Shall we take a look at what i did yesterday??

I sat making the squares of my blanket while the boys rode their bikes backwards and forwards in front of the house. It wasnt really that warm but it was nice enough to actually enjoy it. Listening to the boys giggle and play while i was engrosed in my wool was a simple pleasure....
Im a cardigan girl, always have been, always will be.....dont you think it needs a little something though - im thinking i might have to crochet a broach! lol
See those frills, yes thats a dress and leggings im wearing! For so long i admired anyone who had the guts to wear what the heck they fancied and one day thought 'what the heck' im only 34 and if i dont do it now i never will. Its a liberating feeling when you give up worrying what others think! ;)
Anyways, back to my squares! Im so pleased with the progress so far and im thinking if i do at least 3 maybe 5 squares a day i should have it finished within a month or so (including sewing etc) Oops i think i just set myself a target! haha
I even managed to make one of the little flowers that sit in the middle - that was a little harder than i anticipated, especially at 2am!! The air was a lovely shade of blue for a little while but i stuck with it and the first one is done and sewn in place and im so happy with it if not a little proud :)
I giggled when i saw the calender page for yesterday, take a look...
Here goes....

1. I can crochet ;)
2. I dont need to be concerned with what everyone else thinks.
3. I can't please everyone so stop trying.
4. I can stick to a diet lol.
5. I love my blog, the visitors, the blogs i visit, the whole world of Blogdom has opened so many doors for me and 5 years ago i didnt even know what one was :)
(there are lots of other things too but i will make it 5 in 5 years)

What 5 things do you know today that you didnt know 5 years ago??

Ooh i could have popped down that i didnt realise how addicting stamping could be! I needed a bookmark yesterday and instead of tearing off some writing paper, or using one of those subscription cards you get in magazines, i ran to my scrap stuff and made one! I adore this sentiment and it makes me smile each time i see it. I love tea too so it seemed only natural that i combine the two, now though i get distracted stroking the bookmark when im meant to be reading the book! (ok so i look at the pictures mainly - but it is Rachel Ashwells shabby chic home book so im allowed to just sit and drool!) :)


  1. Wow, your crochet squares are really good!
    Things about myself what I did'nt know five years ago, hum?
    I love crafts, especially crocheting.
    I am addicted to blogs.
    I love baking.
    If I put on weight I dont mind as I love my food to much too go on a diet!
    That I would conquer my fear of the dentist!

  2. Debbie I love those Crochet Squares - I used to crochet ages ago and you are making me want to do it again - did you get patterns and bits - would you be willing to share ? Have a wonderful weekend honey - nice to see you in a dress!! Lou :) x

  3. Well done Debs .... you will have a blanket in no time .... crochet is good because you see the results far quicker than knitting and once you have the sequence of stitches in your mind they are easy to remember so you can put it down and pick it up again whenever you like .... it's also more portable too - I use one of those M & S UJ food to go bags to keep a ball of wool and a couple of hooks in so that I can take it with me and grab a few minutes wherever I go. x

  4. you should be very proud of your crochet squares (and flower!) they are fab and SOOOO making me want to try it!

    Rose XXX

  5. Pretty squares Debbie!!! Must try harder with mine :)

  6. Debbie! i just got home from work and had the most lovely surprise through my letterbox! I had completely forgotten about my pay it forward gift, so was so chuffed to open up the parcel and find it full of goodies!! Thank you SO much!
    I love everything, but I especially love the red wooden hearts!
    you are very talented! xxx

  7. Now I'm not a big fan of crochet but I am beginning to come round...I love your choice of colours and I like the type of wool its not all fluffy or wooly lol but looks more like a thick cotton...ok I'm waffling now...but I think I am going to like your finished result xxx

  8. oh my 5 things I didn't know 5 yrs ago

    That I would love learning more than at any other time in my life

    that I would be in the midst of opening an online shop

    That I would enjoy using the internet facebook/twitter/blogs etc so much

    that I could have such wonderful friendhips with people I've never met

    that I would still hate cooking

  9. Well done with the crochet Debbie, it's coming along nicely.

    5 things I didn't know 5 years ago eh???????????

    That God's time doesn't always match ours.
    That God has a plan and purpose for each of us, even little old me.
    That I can have confidence in making things
    That I can enjoy paper crafts.
    That I can design more than just a pump bag LOL

  10. The colors of your afghan squares are so pretty! I love them! so spring like or garden-like! Beautiful!


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