Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Good bargain day and good news!

I tootled off this morning to see if we could pick up some bits to try and get more organised at home and managed to get most of it all from the pound store!! Filefolder, clear pockets etc for paperwork and receipts :) I even managed to get a bargain set of boxes from the catalogue clearance shop - £2.99 for 7 and arent they pretty!!
This sweet little melamine set inside the most adorable little round carry case - £4 instead of £10!The books were 99p and BOGOF!!I also drooled over some Emma Bridgewater mugs and dishes but couldnt even begin to consider spending that much, will put them on my Birthday/Christmas list :)
We got a new bingo machine too because as of today 8pm is switch off tv time (ok so thursdays American Idol final will be an exception!). TV goes off and we play games for 30mins, read for another 30 mins (working our way through the Harry Potter books) then the boys are chosing books to take to bed so no tv then either. We should have stuck with it when we started it last time but im in a real positive frame of mind lately and really sticking to things :)

It looks like we may have the chickens sooner than we thought! We called yesterday to a feed warehouse that ive never even noticed before thats on our way home and the owners are lovely.....talked me through everything i would need and when i asked if they could order in chicken coops she said my husbands made one come have a look. Its a basic rectangle one with a run etc and big enough for 4, she said i could have it for £45 if that was ok as it still needs painting - i mean sheesh like i wasnt going to give it a coat of paint anyway! They have everything else we would need and the woman is even going to sort out the chickens for us too - she said they will give us a ring once everything is together, which could be as early as next week and they deliver too *does happy dance*

*ooh and tomorrow is 7 days since hubbies last cigarette!* If youre reading this I am so proud of you and I Love you sweetheart x


  1. Oh what wonderful buys.
    What a great idea about the telly going off at 8pm too.
    Well done to your hubby, I gave up for a year then restarted :( but gave up again in December and still going strong... you can do it x

  2. Well done on your brilliant bargains Debbie, I can't believe how cheap those boxes were - and they are pretty too! Cant wait for more chicken news!!

    P.S Love your little happy dance!! :D XX

  3. lovely buys :-)

    Rose XXX

    ps I am SOOOOO jealous of your chickens!

  4. OOOh love reading all about your exciting news and strict house rules(lol) perhaps i need to be strong minded like yourselve with the TV(kids driving me mad) and it's not even the hols till next week, my neighbour has 6 chickens and they lay one egg each everyday without fail and are easily pleased and easily fed, she feeds them corn and there leftover food such as bread and sunday dinners leftovers they gobble it up in minutes, they have a huge field too so they rome free all day.
    have fun
    hugs Debra

  5. Hi Debs .... those boxes are lovely and well done you for turning the other box off. We went without a telly for a year when our lot were smaller .... mainly because it conked out and we couldn't afford a new one but can honestly say we didn't miss it. Well done on getting the chooks and what a bargain home for them .... I can't believe the price some places charge for a few sticks of wood and some chicken wire .... have you decided on any names yet? Hopefully ours will start laying in a couple of weeks .... I didn't realise hens had such different personalities and it is great fun watching them. I'm learning to talk chook too, prrrpppppppppprrrrrrrrrrpppp

  6. Love the boxes. I have a couple of the larger check but have never managed to get the others.
    Looking forward to the photos of your new babies when they arrive.

    Love and blessings

  7. I love all your haul but especially the boxes they are really lovely xxx

  8. Woo hoo! Your chickens will be home to roost before you know it!

    And as for hubby given up the stinky weed... well done to him. Hope he manages to keep with it.

  9. Love, love, love those gorgeous boxes!!! Wish there were some near us, what a great price!!!!
    Good idea about the TV, since blogging, I don't watch after 9.00 in the week.
    Have a great week ; )

    Sharon XX

  10. Wow, great bargains, I love your books, what a fab find! xxxx

  11. I'm drooling over those books!! What a great find. As I was reading I was thinking, "What's a pound store? Do they sell merchandise by weight (a pound)?" It took me a second to remember where I travel when I read your blog.

    Hooray for your family for switching off the TV.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


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