Saturday, 16 May 2009

Happy Saturday :)

It could be the Pimms ive been drinking for the last hour or so, it could be the gorgeous parcel that arrived this morning, it could be the fact the kids are using my shed as a den and when it starts to drizzle they giggle and run in their little 'fort', it could even be the fact that dh is now almost 6 days into giving up smoking - whatever it is its a Happy Saturday :)
I was teaching this morning and made this little mini album and coaster gift set inside a little mini pizza box - yes they made the box too - just the pics to print and add to the front of the box and album (arent i a task master!) LOL
Thank you Claire for the gorgeous box of goodies that arrived today! I am so spoiled, it is all so adorable and well stroked!! Look girls, isnt she a star!!
All individually wrapped.....
Opened to find a beautiful sewn cloth tub to keep my toiletries in, Cath Kidston tissues, a fab little heart magnet, an East of India heart hook....
Cath Kidston mints and the most adorable little Alpine Strawberry plants!
How stunning is this picture - i absolutely love it and may commision her to make me another for my bedroom. I tried this one on numerous walls and kept coming back to the living room. I think its because this is exactly over where i sit so every time i go to sit down i see it and it makes me smile :) Thank you so much Claire! :)
Bargain charity shop finds for today.........bag and gloves £1.99, frame 50p, butterdish 50p
Pimms jug just 99p - was empty when i bought it and was full for a little while but now almost empty........oops now it is empty!! ;)


  1. well your having a great day are'nt you congrats to DH I've been there lol
    your makes are divine, your swap gorgeous and your haul not a bad day at all mrs :)

  2. Wow, I love your goodies, there fab! And your charity shop finds are amazing! xxx

  3. Lucky you to receive such wonderful creations!

    mmmmmm Pimm's!!!!!

    Thank you so much for my lovely PIF that you sent to me.


  4. I'm so pleased you like!!! I got the prototype picture (the one I wasn't happy with lol!!)
    Love the boys bunting. I'm like you with 4boys but most of my makes are VERY girly!!!


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