Sunday, 10 May 2009


How yummy are these fabrics - ebay is a godsend for fat quarters of adorable fabric!! Im just not sure what to make them into? Do i go for shopping totes, peg bags, carrier bag holders, pin cushions - i think i might just sit and stroke them for a little longer while i ponder :)

I managed to get about 1/8 of the front garden dug over this morning before the rain started - it was hot, sunny and dry when i first went out! An hour of digging and it looks like a tornado is going to hit - why the heck does gardening do that every time!! Arrgghhh!! Im going to take some before pics of the veg plot in the back garden tomorrow as im hoping to make a start on that too but will keep it as a seperate little 'self sufficient' blog :)


  1. Lovely fabrics, ebay is great!
    Like you, I tend to look and stroke for a while before I decide to use.
    Good luck with your veg plot!
    My OH grows is own veg and you can certainly taste the difference.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  2. Debbie, I love your pretty!

  3. We worked in our garden yesterday. We were more lucky, it was a lovely day.
    Better luck for the rest!

  4. Hi,

    those fabrics are fab, I must look harder on ebay! lol

    Rose XXX

  5. really love those fabrics...makes such a change to see something other than roses lol....they're gorgeous...good find xx


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