Thursday, 14 May 2009

On a countdown...

Its that time of month again and if youve been checking the Papertrey Ink site you will know that its launch night for the new stamps. The 15th of each month i get that WOW look when my chin hits the floor and i could catch flies with my open mouth! I swear they outdo themselves each month - go check it out! Midnight their time is around 4am our time though so i will be either having a really late night or really early morning - either way i think i need hooking up to a caffine drip!
This card is made using the cup and tea bag from the anniversary set - the swirl is from the same set but is part of the brackets used for framing the quotes. I think it works pretty well if i do say so myself ;) The patterned paper is their new tea leaves range and is adorable. Thanks to Melisa i also have some new punches.....see the fab zigzag on the bottom?? It actually embosses a stitch all the way round too - thank you Melisa!! :)
Told you Vanessa had me addicted within a couple of days! I swear, 34 years of trying to crochet with no luck and with one tutorial im hooked (no pun intended!) going to start on some granny squares today in the hope of eventually having my own handmade little blanket.
OK, not a charity shop find but something equally exciting and most unexpected! Marks & Spencers.........yes you heard that right! M&S have some fab goodies in right now and while i was browsing the most adorable little daisy tealights i spotted these glasses out of the corner of my eye. It said prices start from 50p so i presumed that would be for the little teeny ones but NO, these big glasses are so weighty and beautiful and ONLY 50p EACH!! I took the darker pics so you could see the pattern properly - arent they sweet and perfect for summer punch (the boys have the 4 bobble glasses and us grown ups have the sweet fluted ones - which i suppose could even act as mini vases!!)
In the market there was a stall holder who was selling all the last bits and pieces, you know the 'one off' stall where they whip out more as soon as youve bought your 'bargains' and walked away ;) Well, these 2 cushion covers are MASSIVE, ive placed one of my tea cups on them for scale and they were only £2 each!
American Idol is on tonight and my top 3 are still there! I think i will get all sorted today, tidied round, treats for the kids ready and a dvd ready to pop in their room for them so i can just sit and enjoy :) what are your plans for today??


  1. I love your cushion covers, there fab! xxx

  2. gorgeous tea stamp i love it, really must get into stamping more.
    i've got the crochet bug too after one lesson ;) and its so addictive, making coffee cosies at the mo :) xx

  3. Ooh we have the same dimple glasses. Great bargains aren't they?

  4. You are encouraging me to want to attempt crotcheting!

    Good old M&S, my loval one was looking a bit empty this morning... it obviously got raided before I got there!

    Rose XXX

  5. Those cushion covers are GORGEOUS!! And I have some of those M&S glasses too (the 50p bubble ones). I was also impressed by the weight of them for that price. Bargain!!

  6. Hi Debbis, I know isn't the 15th just the best day of the month! I was trying to be good but I don't know if I can now I've seen the sets!!!

    Fabulous card, I must use this set more! I love seeing all your latest finds - I love those tall glasses!

    Have a fab weekend, hugs Kate x


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