Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Todays bargains!

Had to pop and pay a cheque in today so it would have been rude not to dart into the charity shop! Not expecting to find anything i wanted i didnt take many pennies so was gutted to see a lot of things i would love..........isnt that always the case! Grrr!
Anyways, i bought some wool (£2.50) and a crochet hook (35p) so i can follow Vanessa's tutorial - bearing in mind that i havent crochet a stitch in my life im hoping i can make myself a blanket (pah! follow with interest its bound to be an interesting journey!) LOL
I also found these gorgeous little Pirex desert dishes - £1.95 for 6 and a fab little butterfly glass trinket box for 50p! :) Well impressed with todays haul! :)
My gorgeous cushion cover arrived today and i LOVE IT!! :D How sweet does it look nestled against my Dunelm cheapo ones! :)


  1. Aw the cushion looks lovely Debbie.:-)
    What a good haul you got this morning, well done.:-)

    Love and hugs honey. XXXXXXXXX

  2. Now that is lovely...I'm not a fan of crochet but thats beautiful...I love the simplicity of it ....most crochet looks too fussy for me but yours the nicest I've seen ....fits right in there lol xx

  3. great finds, love the cushion too! My nan donates me lovely crocheted blankets from time to time, she even tried to teach me how to do it once (when I was a kid) haven't got a clue now though! Good luck! :-)

    Rose XXX

  4. Great finds am Loving the cushion My sister is teaching me to crochet! She has just finished me a lovely blanket x
    Look forward to seeing you go at crochet x

  5. I lurve the little pyrex dishes! yellow is so the best colour at the mo! xxx

  6. I've just learned to crochet too, from the tutorials on Attic24's blog. I have now got a couple of blankets on the go and am determined to finish them. I've given myself a deadline of Christmas, lol.


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