Saturday, 30 May 2009

A little too much sun...

Im not moaning, honestly im not - even though it stings like heck and feels like ive had a chemical peel! Im not moaning, i dont want the sun to go away, its never here often enough so i dont want it to take the hump and go away. Im not moaning that i have so much more to do in the garden and darent venture out there today for fear of making it worse........Im not moaning......Honest!! :D :D

Today im thinking a lot of aftersun, a lot of water and a lot of work INSIDE the house! LOL


  1. You poor dear! Hope you soon feel better. Hmmm...guess you will have to stay inside and CREATE today! Hmmmm....there's a thought!

  2. Poor thing. There's nothing worse than sun burn. I tan (if I let myself) but my trade mark is black hair and white skin so I have to be careful not to ruin that! I've been following the progress of your crochet, you are a machine. :-)

  3. Ooh Debs .... felling your pain .... got caught myself last week while walking round car boot .... ended up with three lovely white strap marks, two from my vest and one from my bag .... ouch! While I am here a big thank you for the bunting .... it is gorgeous and I don't think I stand a chance of keeping it once Ellie gets here later .... it will look great in her bedroom. Take it easy and don't forget the Sunblock x

  4. Ouch! I understand. I got a really bad sunburn a couple of weeks ago. When i was wearing sunscreen nonetheless! I hope the sting goes away soon!

  5. I'm afraid I stopped being a sun worshipper many moons ago....I get irritable in too high a heat and gone are the days that I thought I needed a tan to look and feel good....I just go round looking like a slob now lol....not a good site but I'm not in pain :)

  6. ouch! I burn too... love the sunshine though!

    Just to let you know, I have nominated you for an award on my blog :-)

    Rose XXX

  7. snap my shoulders are killing me :( i was only up the allotment for 3 hours early yesterday morning :( xx

  8. Whoops.... Happens to the best of us x


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