Thursday, 21 May 2009

The chicken house.... here!! We went to ask when it could be delivered so i can do it up (you know, the standard wood cladding painted cream with a little Hen Hotel sign) LOL and they said they could bring it straight round with all the feed etc. Oooh and that i could have it for £40 instead of £45! *does funky chicken dance* ;) Its a lot bigger than it looked at the warehouse so i think we are going for 6 chickens which they have said will have ample space (especially when we extend the run etc) :) Its almost half the size of my shed and you can just say see Jakes head popping over the top! Please excuse the garden, due to the rain and bad weather lately its become a little neglected!! (oh yes and with 4 boys you didnt think i would still have all the windows in my shed did you?? I need 2 pieces of perspex to get the 2 windows fixed!)

Ive become ultra organised and im sure dh is going to send me back as im becoming almost Stepford! LOL I wake at 6.30 and have breakfast ready for them all, yesterdays was croissants and OJ, todays was Coco pops and apple juice at the request of Ethan..........not sure how long until the novelty will wear off and they will go back to not wanting breakfast! For now though theyre all happy to go along with my little Suzie homemaker phase that im not going to complain! LOL

I mentioned the other day about not paying Emma B prices for mugs (£15.95!) .....well today in Pastimes they had just taken delivery of some fab EB style mugs (only £5!). Union Jack is currently Scotts favourite so i couldnt resist 2 of these mugs for the older boys :)
I dont think i will have time to update over the weekend as im teaching a class tonight and tomorrow i leave early for a girlie weekend :) Back Sunday night and hopefully to a fully male bonded/everyone friends/no one roped to chairs/all in one piece home :)


  1. I am so excited about your chickens!

    fab mugs, what a bargain!

    Rose XX

    ps - i've also ordered myself some crochet hooks today after being inspired by your fantastic progress!

  2. That looks fab Deb - you're going to have fun

    Luv those boxes you bought yesterday :)


  3. can't wait to see the chickens, chilling out in their lovely house! x
    have a great weekend! x

  4. I adore the mugs! I would love to have chickens! I hope they 'settle' in ok in their 'House'.
    Hugs Bethxx

  5. Can't wait to hear all about the chickens when they arrive!

  6. Can't wait to see your hen house makeover! Love those EB style cups! Wish I was as good a bargain hunter as you.

  7. Hi Debbie, I've gave you an award, you can collect it from my site.
    Love Melanie xxx

  8. im sssoooo jealous about your chickens i really must get onto hubby about getting me some ;-)
    enjoy your weekend !
    lesley x

  9. oooh chickens, cant wait to see updates on them :)
    Have a wonderful girlie weekend x

  10. I was thinking about you and your chooks the other day and how I was when I got mine. I would suggest (this is what I wish we had done) is that you don't get the maximum number of chooks you can fit in there, maybe get 3 or 4 to start with. One of them will go broody (one of ours did after 6 months). Stick a clutch of fertilised eggs (can get them on ebay) under her 1) you will be able to rear your own chickens and teach your boys lots, also it's a nice surprise and 2) it helps to snap the hens out of being broody (they starve themselves when they are in that state). I just wish we had done that when our hen went broody because the poor things hardly ate or drank for nearly 3 months! Now of course neither of them have gone broody! Just typical! :-) It's addictive chicken keeping so if you can give yourself room to upgrade it's better. I hope that's useful advice!

    Sian x

  11. oh my god i love the chook house..... cant wait to see it finished and full of chooks


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