Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Turning 13....

I can remember turning 13 like it was yesterday! That feeling of being grown up, all these options in front of you and yet not knowing why its so scary at the same time too. The thought of all those years stretching out ahead until youre ancient (well at least 21!!) Everyone seems either way older (again anyone over 21) or way younger (no im not playing with my baby sis shes 2 YEARS YOUNGER!) Oooh happy times........before mortgage, bills and worry about my own kids!

You may be wondering why im pondering the past?

Well, today i officially became a mum of a teenager!! Where the heck have the last 13 years gone, it seems like only yesterday i was a frightened 21 year old not knowing what the heck to do with this screaming little thing that looked up at me with all the love in the world! Not knowing i was sobbing on the inside about how could i raise a child when i didnt know which end was which! We must have done something right as he is a really great kid, remembers his pleases and thankyous, will help me with his brothers and would help anyone who needed it. To say im proud of him is an understatement - Happy Birthday Ben :)

Ok, after the mushfest i will now show you the first crochet square i have done.............promise not to promised remember!! I need to practice more but boy is it addictive! I kinda got to grips with it a little easier than i thought i would which is a bonus but i know there is still a way to go before im in the realms of blanketdom! ;)


  1. Your crochet square is really really good! xxx

  2. hey i think you've done amazing on your first go..well done hun
    hope your son has a lovely day.. ahhh first babies they just bring you into a whole new world dont they!!!

  3. You've done a great job for your first attempt.
    I'm not very good at it but it is a bit addictive isn't it?
    Beki xxx

  4. what a gorgeous post xx
    i became the mum of a teenager last may and it really is a strange feeling!
    Well done on the crochet - I haven't progressed past a chain lol!! May take a hook and destructions on the train on Saturday......I'm not hopeful as my fingers don't appear to be made for crochet!!
    Look out for the post xxxx

  5. well done on the crochet :-)

    how scary is it that kids grow up so quick! I feel like about 3 seconds have passed since I was at school, but my daughter starts in September! Scared! I dread the teenage years, I'm just hoping she'l be nothing like I was!

    Rose XXX

  6. Happy birthday Ben. The years do fly by so quickly - my Son was 21 in December and in October this year my daughter will be 18 - makes me feel so old! LOL

    Love your crochet - I did a bit of crochet years ago and can't even remember how to do it !!!!

  7. Congratulation Ben. My first is about to graduate and my baby is just learning to drive the time, just flies past. Enjoy all the experiences even those that drive you to distraction. Well done on the crochet mine used to end up in a tight ball!!


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