Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cricut downloadable double cupcake box file!! Wahoooo....

For those who own a Cricut, one of the ladies on the Cricut forum has made a downloadable file of my double cupcake box which should make it a lot easier for you to use :) Heres a link to the messageboards and i think they are working on making it for design studio too - not sure what that means but im working on the hubs to get my own machine so hopefully soon i will know what im talking about!! LOL ;)

Heres a sneak at one of the cards ive made - i managed to get one of the Sizzix scallop circles to make the cards with so expect a few of these for a while as i think theyre so cute!! LOL Lots of glitter, Hero arts stamps and the Cuttlebug embossing folder :)

Also look at this little heartbreaker.....he asks his daddy each day when hes picked up from school if the baby is here yet !He is far too excited, i think i might have a fight on my hands as to who will be looking after Evie when she arrives!! :D


  1. That's so funny Debbie! I LOVED this box when I saw it on your blog and made my cricut cut file for it sometime at the end of last year. I didn't share the file as it was your creation and did not ask you if I could, so I used it for myself only. Glad to hear someone else made it too. Your templates are awesome! I've made a few others of your files to cut on my cricut too. And BTW, I hope you get one real soon, as I love mine! Have a wonderful day! ~Amy

  2. He is adorable,don't they say the cutest things.

  3. Cricut, I wish!!!
    Your little man is so very cute, beautiful eyes. Is that what you are going to shorten her name to, beautiful. XX
    Hope you have a good night(s sleep)
    Love Rachael XX

  4. Aaaw isn't he adorable.... my 4 year old daughter is desperate for another baby but unlike you I ma definitely not brave enough to go for a fifth...lol...take care...xoxo

  5. he is gorgeous.. look at the eyes on him!!!...
    evie is a lovely name ..

  6. I've already told Jase to start saving up as this Christmas top of my list is a Circut - Here's hoping!!
    Your card is lovely [just love a bit of glitter] and your little man is really sweet - bless him.
    Harry has already told me that he's going to be looking after the baby but i can change his nappies!!
    Take Care Hun - Ju xx

  7. Yay! an SCAL file. Love it! Thanks for sharing! :) And your lil guy is too cute!!!

  8. Yes, think I fancy one of these too - a cricut not another baby, lol! He's gorgeous and don't they just say the cutest things. Love the card - have just made a mini one this shape for the first time too.
    Suzanne x


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