Monday, 15 February 2010

Week 7 - CASSATA! *shopping list*

We are freezing this week instead of baking! :)

I always remember this dessert from birthdays and special occasions when i was little. Mum use to make it and i can remember it as though it was yesterday, yumm, so i knew i had to fit this one in during one of our 'sweet' weeks :)
I rang mum and wrote down the recipe and method as she told me it (i changed one little bit though - where she said it serves 6 i changed that to serves 1 pregnant lady - hope thats ok!) ;)

Shopping List
300ml double cream
150ml single cream
1/4tsp finely grate orange rind
4 tbsp orange juice
75g caster sugar
50g sultanas
50g marachino cherries quartered
50g blanched almonds or hazelnuts toasted/chopped
20 sponge fingers

OOPS THANKS SUE - for this you will need a 2lb loaf tin or similar!! :)

SOOOOOoooooo looking forward to this one!! :D :D

*because of so much to share today theres another post below and i will announce the winner of the OWOH giveaway in tomorrows post*


  1. Wow - I am really going to enjoy this!!!!!!!!! I have never tasted
    Cassata before!!!

  2. What size and type of container do we need for this Debbie?

  3. Sorry sue just updated the post - you need a 2lb loaf tin or similar depending on what shape you want to make. The loaf tin just makes it easier to line with the sponge fingers! :)

  4. Mmmmmmm, looks lovely. It's my birthday Wednesday and am really hoping for a mixer. Hope so and that I will be able to put it in use.
    I haven't seeen any signs of it yet though. I have dropped some MASSIVE hints though. Heehee, fingers crossed.
    Rachael XX

  5. Ooooo, sounds interesting!! Never heard of it before.

  6. Oo now I like the sound of this, I've never heard of it before. I'm trying to lose weight so it may be something I try a bit later. Looking forward to the pics. :-)

  7. Ohhh this so isn't what I thought it was going to be. Sounds yum!

  8. Heh, heh, I can sympathise with the 'feeds 1 pregnant lady' - where on earth does the appetite come from?!

    Hope you and baby are keeping well.

    Liz x

  9. think i can do that..have you noticed that i am only cooking the unhealthy ones!!LOL


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