Thursday, 25 February 2010

Easter in a box winner!

Sorry im late and have kept you all waiting for the winner of the Easter in a Box giveaway, ive been to the hospital this morning to pick up my crutches!! Dont ask - im just pleased im a crafter and can do that sitting down - imagine if i was a professional cartwheeler or something .... *shudder* doesnt even warrant thinking about! LOL Cards and layouts dont hurt my hips - im not even going to try the cartwheel! LOL

Anyways, Without further delay the winner of the box of goodies (randomly picked by my sweet little 5 year old) is................

Charl- Pretty Vintage

Congratulations honey please can you email me your address and i will get your box of goodies out to you tomorrow :) Edited to add: sorry hun i forgot i took the link to my email off - please send to debbie@countryheartandhome(dot)com :)

A huge thank you to everyone who entered and to all for the sweet comments you left me!! :)

Can i say a quick thank you to Deborah who owns Pink Poppy blog and folksy store too for posting on my blog, without your post hun i never would have found your shop and although i hope youre a raging success im also hoping everyone else stay away until ive bought one of everything!! lol I bought this gorgeous bracelet and ear ring set that arrived this morning and boy does it take some willpower not to lick - honestly its like having mint chocolate chips on my arm!! Yummmm!!! Thanks honey it truly is stunning! :)
Since i now have a full fledged Folksy account (not sure whether to thank you or not for that one though as im going to be broke! lol) i want you all to link to your favourite stores in folksy and etsy (deanne you bad bad girl reminding me about etsy!!) know the kind of things we all like, those little shabby chic, glitzy, girly, beady, buttony, sparkly must have buys!! Whether its your store or your friends or where you hang about drooling - pop me a link in the comment section please and there may be a treat in store for someone too ;)


  1. oooh I have lots of favourites!! I could literally spend all my money on Folksy....this is just the tip of a very large iceberg....

    Nelli D
    Fen and Ned

    Kirtsy Elson
    Lola's Room
    Helkat Design

    Amazing Paper Sculptures
    Rae Welch

    Pretty Pretty things
    Amander Mercer Designer Maker

    Kid's Clothes

  2. YAY..!!!!!!!!!!! so excited wow i never win anything!!!
    thanks hun.. cant wait to get my goodies!!!..
    trouble is i dont know were to email you my address though???

  3. congratulations Charl :) awesome goodies

    Hmmm favvo stores I have so many but I adore Etsy sooooo much :)
    Although I have to add I love love love my coffee cosies of course :) xxx

  4. Oo, Folksy is a wonderful place - glad you've discovered us! Evie George has passed on your wonderful blog :) I also have a Folky shop, and create unique hand cut cards and papercuts long live handmade!

  5. Sooo many nice stores on Folksy!

    My store sells beaded jewellery:

    Some of my other favourite shops are:

  6. Hello there
    I've discovered your blog and what a lovely place to visit it is!I'll definitely be popping back.
    Hope you don't mind but this is my little corner of Folksy
    Thanks ever so much xxx

  7. Hello,
    would you be interested in my jewellery? I'm 15 and make it myself, you can have a look


  8. You can get lost in Folksy land and come out poor! I love poppy's jewellery as well.

    I have a shop on Folksy where I sell pretty jewellery and use polymer clay quite a lot in my designs

  9. Debbie that is ever so pretty.
    Well done Charl.
    Now be careful doing those cartwheels in your condition;)
    Have fun
    Rachael XX

  10. looooove your blog such an nice place to stop by and visit for a while, you might like to take a look at my little Folksy shop

  11. Hiya, I have a little shop on folksy too

    One of my other favorites is

  12. Handmade country shabby chic gifts and home accessories.

  13. Just popping back to say you might like to try and win the felt and button bouquet by Jamball that we are giving away on the Folksy weddings blog- it pretty much ticks all the boxes- pretty/glitzy/beady/buttony etc....

    entries close this Saturday.... x

  14. Gelert Design is my favourite Folksy shop - some really different things in there.

    You can even enter a giveaway if you're quick to win a pair of Gelert Design earrings on Cinnamon Jewellery's blog at

  15. I love Folksy too, I make and sell individual cards

  16. Congratulations Charl.

    I can only post links from Etsy as am quite new to discovering Folksy.

    These are shops I've bought from, love and will be buying from again definitely :D

    Rice BabiesGorgeous dolls and crowns
    Spark FlightAmazing sculptures made completely from wire. Got my OH's "best ever" Christmas pressie from this lady. A life size sculpture of one of his birds.
    Cynic The Lamb Super cute and very reasonably priced toy patterns.
    ItkupilliGorgeous digital images.

    And a couple I lust after and hope to buy from one day.
    Felt Me Up Designs
    Jennifers Family Jewels

  17. Great blog! I found it through Folksy.
    I have a shop on Folksy selling bead and Sterling Silver and Copper wirework jewellery -

    Other Folksy shops I like are DinkyDaisy - beautiful purses with hand-drawn applique designs ~ and Sascalia - gorgeous flowery and whimsical prints (I want one!)
    Oooh and as Gelert Design mentioned above I have a Giveaway for a pair of his fab earrings on my blog ~ (ends Sat!)
    Tracy x

  18. Hey,

    I have a shop on folksy

    I make kitsch, cute and unique jewellery, which is a huge passion of mine....i love pretty, girly things, colour and fashion.

    Take a little look....


  19. Check out my Folksy shop too! It is a dangerous place, I have bought far more than I've sold!

  20. Hey! I have a shop on folksy :) I make and sell gorgeous little trinkets - check my shop out if you like -

    There are sooo many lovely shops on folksy, but here's just a few of my faves...

    handmadecharlie -

    Josephines -

    nelli d -


  21. Hi Debbie, I`m so pleased you like the bracelet and earrings set! You are so kind to mention me on your blog too.
    Ive spent a good few hours looking on Folksy today and the talent out there is fantastic!
    Poppy x

  22. I'm on Folksy and Etsy too! Meerkats in every shape size and variation you can think of (and quite a few you wouldn't have dreamed of ever)

  23. Hello Debbie, I have a little shop on folksy which sells cute and fun appliqued coin purses, pencil cases and cards

    Dinky Daisy

    come and have a look around :-)

  24. Hi, I have a Folksy shop too, but also spend hours drooling over other shops - I have SO MANY favourites!

    My shop is here

  25. Oh I spend too much money on Folksy but I also have a shop on there too so it evens thing out :-)

    I do statement, OOAK pieces of jewellery

    For exmaple:

  26. Great blog!
    I spend hours on Folksy, its great...
    I have a shop I sell vintage fabric birds, corsages cushions.....
    one more to look at lol

  27. Now you see what happens, you've been invaded by folksy Sellers, Now for something out of the ordinary, by way of jewellery, try looking into my shop Http://

  28. Hi Folksy is a great place and I spend hours looking here is my shop

    and here are a few favourites of mine

    but there are many many more!

  29. Hi brill blog
    Only a relative newbie on folksy
    check me out on perhaps you could let me know what you think.
    Thanks Julie

  30. Hi Debbie
    Love your blog ......haven't quite mastered the art myself yet but its the next thing on my list!!
    Folksy is a fab friendly place to be, where it is very easy to spend lots of money and its where I have my own little shop

    where I make some gorgeous fabric handbags.....come and have a look xxx

  31. Well done Charl, well deserved winner :0) Hope you are not in too much pain and that the crutches help, I have bought off Made
    By Kate D on folksy, the gorgeous daisy necklace I was given for Valentines day, tis lovely


  32. VERY cool Blog! look how many followers you have!!! an INSPIRATION TO US ALL!

    My shop is

    I make sweet wooden hearts, boats and seagulls...each has its own character. and one of my other fave shops on Folksy is

    hope your injury isn't too painful! x looking forward to reading more about you!

  33. Oh dear! Sorry to read about the crutches! I have a little corner of Folksy too it's called Ellie's Treasure. I just love browsing all the other shops on there, could spend, spend, spend! Anyway, among other things, I sell pretty little cloth wallets to keep all those much needed bits and bobs together - here's my shop:


  34. HEY! I have a folksy shop, which sells beautiful handmade jewellery - perfect for mothers day! Please come and check it out :)

    I also love these other folksy shops:

    (¯`v´¯) ;♥
    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·. ♥

  35. Hi just popped over to let you know about my folksy shop. I think you may have already taken a peek. I make Ooak brooches and lovely shabby style purses and other gifts. Thanks for popping by.

  36. Hi, I have a little shop on Folksy selling pretty pieces of jewellery, cute cards and framed photos:

    There are so many fabulous shops on Folksy selling unique items.

  37. Congrats hun, I too have just discovered folksy and opened my shop today. There will be some lovely bits in it this weekend so please pop by on Sunday to see them!

  38. Hi, I hope you will find time to visit my Folksy shop - you have a long list here of folk to visit! I make jewellery mainly, and some bags and handwoven scarves,
    pam x

  39. Hi Debbie! sweet blog and I like your style of writing - friendly and direct. I, too, have a shop on Folksy - MrsGKnits. I decided to shop more for handmade stuff since joining the site and i'm promoting handmade creations more, trying to convince people that handmade is better and id doesn't compromise on materials, finish or customer care. Hope you'll find lots of lovely buys on Folksy. take care,

    Agnes xx

  40. I am glad I've seen your blog, your recipes look amazing!

    Folksy is addictive so you have been warned!
    Many of my favourites have already been mentioned but here are a couple more: Look at the owl, it is so cute :) These are gorgeous handmade bags. I bought one for my mum and am thrilled at how well made it is.

    And my shop, thanks Sophie for the mention already!

  41. shyly shuffles back in.

    I might have been responsible for the Folksy invasion. Sorry! eek x x x

  42. Hi Debbie

    Another Folkster here! What a lovely blog you have - I just spotted the recipe for carrot cake. It's my hubby's favourite and I've promised I'd make him one. The cheese and spinach muffins look rather tempting too:)

    You've already got loads of fab Folksy shops to check out but in case you want another one, here's mine..

    Rachel x

  43. Hi, Sorry but yet another Folksy seller. My shop is Even though I make my own jewellery, I can still easily spend a fortune on Folksy!!!! Zoe

  44. Another Folksy'er here my shop

    sells handmade beaded jewellery and gifts which you can also see on my blog.

    I have some blog candy on offer for any crafters who'd like to have a go?

  45. Welcome to Folksy! You will really enjoy yourself there, be sure to visit the forums, theres loads going on!

    Here's my Folksy shop:

    I make handmade one-off ceramic items inspired by the natural world.

    Have fun!

  46. Helloooo,
    a warm welcome from yet another folksy shop owner!! loving the blog ♥

  47. Hi, I have a small shop over on folksy, you'll have lots of fun!

  48. I imagine it is a case of things you wish you had never said! lol Cute blog! if you get a chance pop over and say hello, mind you if you get through this list I will be amazed. Good luck with the new shop! Elissa x

  49. I love the blog, very pretty!

    If anyone is looking for beads and findings please take a look at

    If anyone is looking for vintage fabrics, zips etc head over to

    All the best with your Folksy shop!

    Carole x

  50. hi,another folksy here,your blog is really great and love all the design.
    If you need another girlie shop to the ever growing list ,heres one.
    wooden peg dollies

  51. I have a shop that has some pretty things on, especially the knitted items:

    I love Price Design UK's shop on Folksy, especially the birdy bowls:

  52. Hi Debbie
    Just introducing myself. At I sell lovely items using homespun fabrics. Hope you have chance to take a peak.
    Sue x

  53. Wow, what a lovely blog! Another member of the Folksy community here, I sell all sorts of unique designed stained glass items, my hearts go down well with the shabby chic ladies.


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