Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The winner of the One World One Heart Draw is........

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2010-02-16 10:43:13 UTC

WELL DONE HLCARROLL!!! :) Please can you email me your address to debbie@countryheartandhome(dot)com, i will be in touch to see what kind of theme you would like your mini book based. I am going to tailor it to what you like so that its one of a kind :)

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to enter the competition - it was so much fun and i have met so many more wonderful people in this fab world of blogging!! :)

Ok, its half term now - what do you have planned? 2 of my boys are away for the week and the other 2 have just put their pocket monies together and bought Mario Cart for the Wii - why is it they start at one side of the room and gradually end up ontop of the tv!! Boys n their toys eh! LOL At least i can have them with me here while i craft - all this talk of rockets and whos going to win though at least spurs me on to make some boy cards etc! lol

Remember to cook those pancakes tonight ( i shattered a friends illusions last night by buying one of the make and shake ready mixes - i think 'domestic goddess my bottom' or similar sprang from her mouth!! lol I also managed to pick up these fab ramekins at Tesco - packs of 2 - for 75p instead of £3! Who said hearts are only for Valentines day :D

I have had so much good news this week my head is spinning - will share lots of info soon!! ;)


  1. Oooh I hope they have some of those ramekin dishes in my Tesco - I am just of to get some as I am making strawberry trifle brulee for dessert... these look lovely... better get my skates on before they are all snapped up... have a good day...xoxo

  2. Am in shock at your bought pancake mix :P We made up the icing mix for the lemon cake to pour over ours. OMG was gorgeous, having more for supper tonight.

    Intrigued as to your news.

  3. Hi Debbie, Thanks for letting us join in with the giveaway, I have found a few new friends as well along the way. Its hard keeping in touch with everyone though. I was also hoping to buy one of those dishes too, I think they have all gone, I guess with the school hols its quite busy in the shops. Bye for now. Julie.C

  4. Enjoy your crafting. Glad to see it's not only me who does the ready made mix for pancakes, lol. I actually forgot about them today and we've done lots of baking so I think I'll send them to my mums tonight, lol
    Suzanne x

  5. Dreams were shattered - I'm still reeling today!!

  6. Well done to the winner and Debbie you are just too generous.
    Love the heart ramekins.
    Oooo, looking forward to hearing about your news that sound very exciting.
    LOL, it is my birthday tomorrow and a large box from amazon has arrived. Think I might be a lucky girl and the HUGE hints I was dropping about a mixer may well have paid off;)
    Take care,
    Rachael XX

  7. I am in shock about the pancake mix [although i did the very same thing - He He;)]
    Mario Cart is a firm Fav in this household with Jase and Harry [ I love the way they turn corners - it's not just the wheel they turn but their whole body - very funny to watch]
    I'm so glad youre having a good week - and cant wait to see what your good news is.
    Take Care and great big hugs - Ju xx

  8. Oh wow, thank you soooo much, I've just done a little dance :) xx

  9. Went to tesco this morning and spotted the ramekins for 25p a pair! Bargin!!!


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