Saturday, 13 February 2010

New bump pic and ive actually left the house! lol

First of all a huge thank you to Rachael who made Evie these fabulous goodies (obv the heart is mine!) I am going to hang the little scented bird from her moses basket and hang the bag from the bottom of the moses basket stand to keep all the necessities handy :) Thank you so much hun they are gorgeous! xxx

Heres an updated bump pic!! We went out for lunch today with my mum, youngest sister, her boyf, my other sisters little girl and my dh and all the boys - yep it was like an invasion!! LOL On the way home we went for a little wakl to take some more bump pics - i am loving the fact its all bump and shes really wriggly!! The boys moved loads but because i was big all over the movements werent as prominent - Evie wriggled this morning and i could feel her legs etc!! WIERD!! Im now almost 7mths so not long at all to go now!! :D

Thanks to the Moxie Trigger Tuesday this week im now on a mission to have a party with all these goodies - wont it be fab to have a completely pink candy bar, cupcakes with pink fluffy icing etc..........whats the betting at my next scan we are told Evie is now Aiden!! ;)


  1. Oooo, don't say that Debbie. I can do blue though. Thankyou so much for the lovely mention, you really didn't have to do that. You are really kind though and I am very grateful. I am just thrilled you like it.
    Glad you had a stint out, I bet that was a full house.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend
    Rachael xx

  2. You look fabulous hun, and not long to go, how exciting!! Hugs Kate x

  3. Ahhh you look blooming! Those baby goodies are gorgeous, so nice of your friend.

    That pink picture is fab too, I just wanna eat all those sweets! lol.

    I'm sure Evie will still be Evie at next scan, I'm willing it to be for you, so you can indulge in all things pink and girly and you deserve to have someone to help you in the kitchen! lol.


    Katrina xx

  4. Your glowing! How sweet! Love the goodies, so cute! :) If you do have a party with the pink bar take lotsa pics!!! I wanna see your take on it! :D

  5. no your bump is most definately Evie xxxxx
    After 4 boys you have earnt your pink!! Oh i am almost envious of your being able to indulge in the girly bedroom and girly birthday party thing :D
    Boys are fabulous...and all new babies are divine but won't it be lovely to have a change??? hehehe!!!
    I will have to wait for my grandchildren lol!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness look at her. It used to freak Craig out when I used to lay in the bath and Ruby would push against my tum or stick her elbow out. I loved it and am a little sad I will never experience that again. (3 girls in a 3 bed house is enough now *g*) I remember oncve putting my hand on my tum and feeling her hand as clear as day against the inside. It really is a magical time. Enjoy it.

  7. You are looking fantastic!!! and what a lovely bump - not long now, i bet your on countdown. Just keep thinking Pink thoughts.
    What lovely thoughtful gifts you've been sent.
    Take Care - ju xx

  8. You look so well and happy Debbie which is lovely to see....

    those presents are just so beautiful.
    Evie is such a lucky lucky girl to be born into a wonderful loving family with such a warm network of friends surrounding it ...she is going to be so loved by so many xx

  9. That gift set is just precious! Love it! And you are looking fabulous girl!!! If you do have such a pink party I hope I am invited! I'll bring the cup cakes!!!

  10. Aww thank you all so much - ive been slobbing so much in my pjs and jogging pants it was nice to get out and about!! lol

    Youre all invited to the pink party and Juliana - im going to hold you to that!! ;) xxx

  11. Stunning baby goodies, what a fab friend you have.

    Loving the baby bump pics, your making me wish i had a bump again.


  12. A very stylish bump Debbie, you look lovely. I think she's still a pink one!

  13. You look amazing Debbie! All bump! Not too long now, hope the next 2 months zoom by for you though I know the fun part is feeling baby move. I miss that about pregnancy!

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