Saturday, 18 September 2010

P B & J Cupcakes

Bang goes the diet again...well would you take a cupcake from someone who doesnt try their own recipes! No, didnt think so, thats my excuse and im sticking to it! ;)

I followed the same recipe as for my other basic vanilla cupcakes and added 2tsp of peanut butter into the cake mix before baking, it doesnt need much so its just the slightest hint of taste youre after. After cooling i injected approx 5mls of jam into the centre of each cake. You know to stop injecting when it starts oozing back out of the top! lol

The peanut butter icing was made with 1part icing sugar, 2 parts peanut butter and 4 parts cream cheese (i used philly but marscapone would work just as well) - add more peanut butter if you prefer a strong taste and you can add additional spoonfulls of icing sugar to keep it sweet.Grind up some peanuts and sprinkle on top.

Once these have gone im starting on the orange flower cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache topping....mmmmmm!!


  1. These look fantastic. My son is a huge pb & j fan, he would love them.

  2. I gosh I hope one is in the post for me lol! it all has my mouth watering at the sight of them. great love to you and roll over Nigella Lawson there is a new gal on the block.

  3. They look so delicious...what a good idea in injecting jam into the middle, might give that a go. Jam and peanut butter what a good combination.


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