Friday, 3 April 2009

Single layer card and duplicate box :)

Challenge over on Hero Arts blog this week is to create a single layer card.........something i really struggle with as i love my patterened paper and cards!! EEK - i stamped a lot of this branch onto the card to look like the owl was in a tree and used the teeny flowers from Prima :)

I combined the kitchen chocolate box from the other day and the front of the desk tidy and ended up with a fab little storage for some more of my stickles! LOL Im going to have to stop otherwise the rest of my stash will feel a little neglected without their own dedicated storage! ;)

I got rid of a lot more stuff on freecycle today, bookcase, storage unit, boxes and mags - left me with enough room for a move around of furniture in the bedroom! DH is rolling his eyes as he knows when spring is here as im always moving things around in the house - im now back in Shabby Chic mode for summer instead of Cosy chic mode for winter :D :D Anyone else??


  1. I do love all the boxes and little storage items you make....I absolutely adore boxes of all shapes and sizes, and of course I love to paint them but your little storage items are brilliant xx

  2. OMG Debbie - how fabulous is that card? Bit jealous of your originality *sulk* Wonderful storage boxes, so pretty :) xxx

  3. Your card is gorgeous!

    Wow you have alot of Stickles. I should just send you my ONE bottle so it will have company. lol Seriously, love those boxes.

    Have a fabulous weekend! >:0)

  4. Beautiful work!!!
    sweet owl.


  5. I just stand in awe at all your lovely boxes Debbie, amazing!

    Love and blessings

  6. Great job! I can't believe this is one dimensional! Looks like several layers! Thanks for sharing...

  7. Love love love the Stickles storage, especially the green pom poms, how cute?!
    Having a clear out too, the attic doesn't know what's hit it!
    Charlotte xx

  8. Love your work.
    The owl in the tree is adorable, love how you have stamped all the branches.

    The stickles storage is brillint also

    Best Wishes, Kit x

  9. I love the stickles storage! Too cute! Mine would be so jealous! They are just thrown in a drawer...You have inspired me to treat them better!!! LOL!


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