Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Mini pizza gift box :)

ok this is so simple if you have the Ultimate Pro from Crafters companion - follow the numbers of score marks and you will have this made in seconds!! :D Quick tutorial for those who have the Ultimate :)

Working with your A4 card placed against the handle score lines 1, 2 and 3 as shown in the below picture...
Turn the card 180 degrees and score line 4....
Move card along and score line 5.....
Turn card 90 degrees and score on the two closest lines to the handle......turn 180 degrees and score again so the opposite sides match.
Starting at the end where you only have 1 line scored, cut as shown below to make the lid.
The rest of the box is cut to create the sides and reinforcement pieces.
Turn over and attach double sided tape to the 2 inner small side reinforcements and along the 3 most outer scored sections.
The very bottom flap can be folded straight over.
The side reinforcements are folded in and the sides then folded up and over.
This is how it should look once fully assembled.
Decorate and use as you wish - i cut a acetate window into the top of mine and made little divider sections for inside....popped in 4 little mini cakes, fastened with ribbon and made a little gift tag :)


  1. I keep saying I need to get that Crafters Comp. Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i got mine yesterday Debbie , and im blaming you LOL , now all i need is some time to make lots of boxes xx

  3. that is lovely.. would make such a lovely gift for someone.. honestly your dead clever u is!!!

  4. Is there no limit to your talents? I swear you need to package some of your creative mojo and start selling it. I'll take some please!

    Now I want a crafters companion and want to get rid of my scorpal LOL!

  5. Great instructions, thanks Debbie! Kate x

  6. Another stunning idea why oh why are there only 24 hours in a day!

  7. Hi Debbie,

    There is an award for you over on my blog. It's for blogs that make me smile - and I instantly thought of yours. Who wouldn't love gorgeous cakes & craft.

  8. What a cute box! Love it and will be scraplifting it!

    xx Merel

  9. Love your mini pizza box, will have to try this one day :)

    Thanks for the step by step picture and instructions.

    Alex x

  10. I'd love to try this, do you have the mesurments for us poor folk without the CC lol



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