Sunday, 12 April 2009

First carboot of 09!!

Went to my first carboot sale of 09 today...took the 2 boys and they were so well behaved it was lovely, i was so proud of them, they wouldnt leave my side and when they spotted anything remotely my style they steered me towards it saying 'do you like that' :) I have them well trained! LOL

The lampshade, picture frame and mirror were all together and i asked how much for the shade - she said she wouldnt split them but if i wanted i could have them all for £1!! EEK!! I almost took her arm off - so did Jake!! LOL

The large pink plate was £1, the tea set was £3.50 and the Laura Ashley Wallpaper was £1 a roll!! :) I managed to get a couple of blank canvases, a gorgeous mint and cream spotty floaty summer dress (£2.50) and some little trinket bits too and came back with some lovely things for next to nothing! Im so happy and looking forward to the next one - especially since my niece should be over Chickenpox and well enough to go next time with me and sis :)


  1. Great bargains! Your pink is SO pretty! Thanks for sharing the photo's - cuteie patootie kiddo too!

  2. wow! nice bargains! I love the teaset... and I can't believe the Laura Ashley wallpaper for £1!
    well done! x

  3. What great things you found!

  4. I just love a booty, I'm off tommorrow as it's BH so they are on again!


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