Monday, 27 April 2009

Playing catchup again!

I think the boys are all cuddled out - Ethan is loving the fact Jake is home from school, Jake is loving the fact he is OFF school and the pair of them are playing together no problem :) We have drawn, cut and coloured pictures, we have built lego houses/guns/robots, we have had picnics on the floor (they want to eat but dont want to iykwim) - all fun until one starts to look a little off colour and has to go lie down for a nap.........its like having teeny babies again when theyre both dozing during the day! *awww* (dont worry my broody chip was taken out a while ago!!) LOL

Well, i thought i would share some pics of the kitchen in progress. I still have pics to go up on the 2 walls i havent shown and some finishing touches etc but i love the pale blue walls and red accents. I have some white curtains with red cherries on to go up too and some more 50s style pics for the walls, the chairs are going to be painted and i will make new cushions with the mass of fabrics i have thinking quite plain as the dots on the table are OTT! LOL I have to have somewhere to store all my cardmaking/scrapbooking/art/sewing etc so that its on hand if i have any orders or design team projects etc. This unit replaces the dresser which was moved into the living room (it use to be housed in Bens room so he is happy he now has more space).
I love the mugs hanging under the unit - they were £1.99 from TKMaxx and the tea coffee and sugar cannisters were £2.99 each (again TKMaxx), inside the middle mug it says Kindness which i thought was sweet :) I found these plates in BHS reduced from £3 each to 71p!! :DI am popping a link in the sidebar to my blogshop which will be filled soon with handmade goodies and trinkets ive found while bargain hunting :)


  1. Yay it works today!!!
    Kitchen looking good :)
    You have a gorgeous home xxxx

  2. its looking very pretty! I like your coloured tiles x

  3. Oooh....nice plates. I always like gettting a bargain.

    Sue xx


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