Thursday, 30 April 2009

Picture heavy Thursday.....

Today i have spent most of the day cleaning, scrubbing, washing down paintwork, hoovering, fluffing cushions blah blah get the picture! I also put a couple more finishing touches to the kitchen, curtains are now hung and so are a couple of the pieces i really love on the walls - dh even said how much he likes the produce reminder!! :)I am also finishing off some more bits to go in my blogshop, i worked on these bags over the last couple of days so will be putting those up (im still dithering as i dont need any more bags but i want to keep one - the hazards of making your own bags while having a bag addiction!) lol

Mitmot sent me these gorgeous goodies today from the Pay it forward post she did...........thank you hun they are gorgeous and the button heart already has a home.....


  1. Great curtains - your kitchen is coming along beautifully! Love your bags - especially the first one!

  2. Love your bags Debbie, it must be the week for them.
    I'm struggling with pricing though, are you having the same problem?

    Love and blessings


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