Monday, 6 April 2009

Lovely family weekend :)

We had a lovely weekend, spending overnight on Saturday at my mums and then calling for dinner at DH's mums on the way home on Sunday. Our two older boys are now vacationing at their nanas for Easter so it will be pretty peaceful round here - maybe i can get the diet and exercise regime back on track (i checked this morning and ive lost another 2lb and ive done 30mins of the Wii fit today!) Here are some pics from the weekend..... Berwick is a gorgeous place with masses of daffodils!! lolScott planted in amongst the daffs - this was his own choice, im not being held responsible for photo staging!! LOL ;)The look of pure joy on Jakes face makes me smile! His 4 front teeth are finally on their way through!
Ethan with a cheeky smile.... (the biggest poser of them all, i have around 50 shots of him just standing with his arms in different positions - all of which he thought made him look better than the last! The true son of a scrapbooker!! LOL )

This was a very rare sighting! It took me all weekend to get this pic, as soon as Ben saw the camera come out he pulled his hood up - not fast enough this time though!! ha!

A couple of makes for today too :) I bought these fab coffee stamps when i was at Harrogate the other weekend - not sure of the make but they are gorgeous and will definately be well used!! PTI raspberry fizz and chocolate brown bitty dots papers.
Ive always wanted the word create in wooden letters but knew i would struggle for a place to put it! This morning i MADE space! Ive cleared out the kitchen and taken down some pics etc - decorated my CREATE letters and they now have a home above the 2 kitchen doors. I love it!!


  1. Such cuties! Love the CREATE! ~chris

  2. Great photos of your lovely boys, and those cards are stunning - I adore that bright pink! Nicki, xx.

  3. Just adore the create letters and the family photos are memorable everyone looking so happy....just lovely xxx

  4. Love the project, and LOVE the family pictures! Enjoy them, as they will grow up so so fast!

  5. Love the letters, mine are sitting here waiting for the right papers :)

  6. Fabulous photos of your gorgeous family, thanks for sharing!

    Loving those cards Debbie (raspberry fizz bitty dots - what's not to love? lol) & nice job with the CREATE letters :)

    Hugs, Steph xxx


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