Thursday, 23 April 2009

'Do over' goodies.........

Im sure thats a real phrase isnt it?? You know the kind of stuff you buy to specifically 'do over'.........well i went to the charity shops and came out with some real little gems!! The painting were 50p each and are originals - they even have the artists address and phone number hand written on the back!! LOL Im going to paint all the frames cream and work on a wall of paintings for the wall towards the back door - its in a little passage way so it will be like a little art gallery! :)

Also bought these fab egg cups and holder which will be getting the shabby make over too!On a personal note - Jake has chicken pox! Only a few spots right now and we just discovered them tonight but im sure there are more to come! LOL


  1. Some great finds Debbie!! Hope Jake is better soon, Kate xx

  2. i bet those egg cups will look great when they have been "shabbied" :-)
    ooo poor jake with chicken pox - bicarb of soda in a tepid bath twice a day if poss dries them up really well and seems to stop more coming out apprently! i did it with Jakey last year and it seemed to help :-)

  3. ooh! can't wait to see the results!

    get well soon to Jake!


  4. I would like to see the egg cup results as well!!

  5. That will look great Debbie...I did something very similar a few yrs ago on my bedroom wall...though mine was mainly family photographs and I painted all the frames cream too...and it looked lovely and bought all the differing styles together....look forward to seeing yours'll be fab xx


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