Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday :)

Ive spent the last two days making 'stuff' with my sister so im on a creative high right now! lol I have so much stuff littered around the house that im running out of space unless i start to get rid of some bits....hence im going to start looking for craft fairs and ask in a couple of shops if they sell cards - the worst they can only say no :)

I made another one of the folding book sets but this time instead of cards and envelopes, i included Sakura pens and a set of note cards :) As of last night i am teaching a class next Saturday on how to make these and other boxes but will post a quick tutorial for something similar after that - sorry to do it that way but the class has been requested.Here is an example of why i need to practice my colouring in!! I love it when i blog hop and come across the most wonderfully coloured images.........sit down, try it myself and i just cant grasp the whole colour/shading/texture thing. ARGH! Sit me down with some blank paper and i will create something but stick an image in front of me and i cringe.........what pens/pencils/chalks/inks do you use??

Have a lovely Easter weekend :)


  1. Wow Debbie those folding book sets are beautiful. Can't wiat for th tutorial. I would love to learn how to make this.Great practice on your colouring. It's not so bad. Hope you have a wonderful Easter! TFS


  2. These are so pretty. Your coloring is not bad. Keep at it girl, you will be a pro in no time.

    I myself am no pro but I am learning. I really want some Copics but I can't afford them so I usually use Prisma colored pencils and Goo Gone (or odorless mineral spirits) with a blending stump.

    Once in while I will use my BIC Mark It markers. They are alcohol based like copics but there are only like 38 colors and I have heard they do not blend as easy as the Copics.

    Best of luck to you with getting your stuff into shops and doing craft fairs. Your work is wonderful!!

  3. Hi

    Very nice cards, the coloring too :)

    Have a very nice Easter weekend :)



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