Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Smashing Time....

or crash, bang, wallop!!

The shelf on my dresser gave way last night resulting in a smashed jug, 3 smashed cups and saucers, the pink plate i got at the carboot sale the other day and my gorgeous tea pot - thankfully i hadnt finished filling the dresser with all the bits i have!! Im just pleased no one was seriously hurt (Jake was caught by flying debris and got a teeny cut on his ear - and boy did it bleed!) - it could have been so different which is scary!


  1. :( aww your beautiful plates.
    Poor Jake it made him jump!

  2. oh no! how awful! and your brand new plate! :(
    glad everyone is ok though!
    are they mendable? x

  3. Oh, Debbie, what a shame! Poor Jake, hope he wasn't too upset. Ears really do bleed, don't they?


  4. Oh Debbie what an awful shame to loose such lovely items. Poor Jake sending him hugs xx
    So thankful no one else was badly hurt x

  5. Thank goodness you hadn't put all your lovely things on the dresser.
    Glad hear only minor injuries sustained.

  6. Noooooo! Such a shame, all those lovely things broken and you'd only just got the pretty plate. Maybe you can find some nice replacements at your next car booty! Nicki, xx.

  7. Oh no, what a shame! Glad that nobody was seriously injured though.

  8. Oh no! How annoying! Mind you, I would save the bits and make a mosaic then you can preserve your tea pot. :-) I've seen someone actually use old tea cups smashed up to make their bathroom tiles, it looks amazing!

  9. :( :( oh that is not nice :(, i'm sure Jake was scare, the ears can have so much blood grrrrrrrr.

    Have a good weekend.


  10. hey there

    what a shame about your lovely things smashing..atleast no one was hurt, but its still gutting isnt it!!
    just means you'll have to go charity shop/carbooting a bit more now to make up for it!!

  11. Oh crap! Very glad there were no major injuries, and you can soon build up your collection of pretties again :) xxxx


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