Sunday, 26 April 2009

Measles and chicken pox!

After a trip to A&E this morning it seems what with moving around and switching doctors etc Ethan missed his MMR booster! EEK! He has measles!! At least hes happier than he looked yesterday! So what with Jake and chickenpox and now Ethan diagnosed we are well and truly marking the front door with a do not enter sign!!

Oh the joys!! Everyone else is fine and Me..........i just want some sleep! LOL


  1. Oh goodness measles and chicken pox! Oh well as you say he does look much happier than in the picture you posted yesterday.
    Get well soon boys xx

  2. Oh dear poor boys!
    Get well soon from the S-J's

  3. I thought he looked like he had measles and was going to comment. Didn't want to worry you though! I'm glad you've got the diagnosis now. Hope he's better soon!

    Sian x

  4. As someone who has just spent a week with a spotty six-year old chicken-pox boy, you have my sympathy at having TWO of them to look after.
    (Is measles okay to get???)

  5. Oh my word! Healing hugs to your wee boys!!

    I remember being stuck in the house for almost 6 weeks with my 3 kids taking chicken pox 1 after the other - the youngest spent her 1st birthday covered in 'em!


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