Thursday, 7 January 2010

Alternative use for stickers...

I have had a sheet of Basic Grey Euphoria element stickers forever and knew i wouldnt use them as they were just too 'pretty' iykwim!(flowery strip 5th from the right)...

I searched high and low for something to use on my 'i never thought...' layout - you know when you want something but youre just not sure what? Well, i turned over the flowery sticker strip and covered it in fine black glitter. Raised pads on the patterned side meant i could bend the strip making it perfect for what i had in mind :)

I have so many stickers that have been sitting never to be used but now im seeing them in a whole different 'sparkly' light ;) It means some saved pennies and gets more of those ' what the heck do i use this for' stickers used - we all have them admit it!! :)


  1. what a clever idea!! i'm thinking now i wonder if their is enough stickyness to emboss the backs - will have to have a play myself at some point!

  2. Thinking outside the box...excellent idea

  3. Great use for the stickers that we all have laying around bought 'on the spur of the moment and with prettiness in our eyes'.

    You are positively blooming in this photo too! Hope you're keeping well chick.


  4. That is such a clever idea!!! Thanks for sharing x

  5. It looks made for the job, absolutely perfect. Brilliant idea :)

  6. So how about I send you some photos and you make them look all pretty for me ;)
    Gorgeous layout hun and a lovely piccie of you.

    Beki xxx

  7. Wow Debbie you are so talented!
    Can't wait for my first scrapbooking kit to arrive. Will be after lots of tips and advice.

  8. Hi Debbie,
    I love the layout and what a fantastic idea on how to use the stickers - where on earth do you get your ideas - you clever thing.
    Lots of Love - Ju xx

  9. Brilliant idea and lovely layout. Lovely photo - just bursting with health and vitality!

  10. OMGoodness how clever are you?!?! :)

  11. You are blessed with creative talent, your work is always so professional looking.

  12. I had a go at this with some strange Basic Grey sticky backed chipboard and it worked like a dream. (Can't show the layout on my blog yet but when I can I'll link people back to here!) Thanks so much for the inspiration :)

  13. Brilliant idea Debbie! The layout looks fab and I love the lace borders. And you certainly are blooming!

  14. I love they way you've used that sticker! Really original and stylish :)


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