Monday, 25 January 2010

Week 4 - Country Cottage Pie with Cheesy Mash! *Shopping list *

Wow, the lemon cake went down well last week! Thank you so much to everyone who shared pictures, links to their blogs, ideas on how to swap around the ingredients etc - we even had one changed into a chocolate version! YUM!!

This week is savoury and we couldnt really do cottage pie without it being a country one could we?? lol I dont mean setting bunting around the dish or anything but if you want to who am i to say no ;) lol

Shopping List for Week 4....
Serves 4-6
Country Cottage Pie

1kg Mince Beef
300g onions diced
200g carrots diced
4tbsp olive oil
4 tbsp plain flour
80ml red wine
800ml beef stock
2tbsp tomato puree
pinch of thyme and rosemary
salt and pepper to taste

*some girls are trying this with Quorn as i know not everyone eats meat so please let me know how it turns out*

Cheesy Mash

1 1/2lb Potatoes
Philadelphia Cheese/soft cheese
2floz double cream (use milk if you prefer)
4 spring onions
Grated Strong Cheddar (sprinkled on top so as much as your prefer!)
1 tsp salt
pinch of pepper

Tomorrow im making this for tea so i will upload all the details again on Wednesday - i think ive set a pattern now! LOL

Also announced last night, and boy have i been sitting on my hands trying not to blab on this one! Im a Twisted Sister (no smart comments! lol) over at Twisted Sketches, we do alternate weeks with our take on the sketch but each one has to incorporate a twist of some making a start today on my first layout so wish me luck! :D


  1. I will give that a try for tea one night this week. Thanks.

    Congratulations on becoming a twisted sister. It is a fab site with tons of inspiration so I'm sure you will bring us a lot more.

  2. Hmm, I think I might have to give this one a go this week

  3. Many congratulations on your news!!! Have made a note of the recipe & looking forward to making it x

  4. Great! I often make cottage pie with Quorn mince or some other vegimince and it tastes great. I'm going to try your recipe next Debbie - oh and congrats on being made a Twisted Sister - must have a look.

  5. From one Twisted Sister to another....welcome to the team!

  6. Congrats on the DT post :)

    Will make this recipe too at some point

  7. Many congrats on your news.

    The cottage pie is a definite for us. Already have the mince lurking in the freezer!

  8. We just had shepeherds pie with Quorn mince on saturday - it was yummy so we'll go for a Quorn version too :) This sounds delish. I'm going to try an orange version of the lemon cake next :P

    Congrats on your Twisted sister thingy :D

  9. Hi there!!!
    Welcome to Twisted Sketches--Loved your layout that was posted and can't wait to see more!!
    Vanessa :-)

  10. Me too Me too! I am a Twisted Sister! How exciting!!

  11. Sounds yummy. I'll be trying that one this week.
    Thank you for the giveaway package. I got it yesterday (the chocs didn't last long)! xx

  12. Love your blog, love your 'makes' love you- given you a lil blog award just to let you know you inspire me....and make me feel hungry *giggles*
    kt x

  13. Hi.
    Just wanted to wish you a very warm welcome to the Twisted team.

    I love your blog. There's so many things to see.. beautiful artwork, tutorials... just love it!!


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