Saturday, 9 January 2010

Tidy day and pops of colour!

Saturdays are deep clean tidy days (you know those change-beds-wipe-down-skirting-dust-curtain-pole type days) so i have been up for ages already, 3rd cup of tea on hand and thought i would update before i get sucked into the washing pile again! lol

It is ages, infact i cant remember the last time i used white ON black for a layout! Black on white i use all the time but the other way round i tend to struggle as i get so frustrated with whites that dont work as they should!!The best pen i have found so far is Inkssentials opaque pen in white. It leaves a stark white trail and doesnt melt into the background as so many others do.
This layout is about Jakes love of being outside, unfortunately the weather is still pretty terrible out there so here he is using up some energy on Wii Sports (pic taken just after Christmas at MILs)These rub ons are Basic Grey Harvest (i have a habit of taking things out of their wrappers, binning the packaging and then not keeping a record of what they are so its taken me a while to search the net for them!) oops!!The embellishments are simply different sized circle punched paper inked at the edges, crumpled and layered ontop of each other - secured to the page with a brad :)


  1. that white looks fab! I need one of those pens myself

  2. I love it. You are so clever. Have fun with the cleaning.
    Rachael XX

  3. Can I have some of what you have? Whatever it is? You are always so well organised doing all the things I SHOULD be doing. Well I've made a wee bit of progress, sheets changed and bed made!

  4. I love black cardstock! I've run out actually and white pens are a must! I'll look out for those ones you mentioned. This is gorgeous love the doodling and rub-ons :)

  5. Love all your latest layouts, I am also in love with all those shaped die cut papers.
    My big tidy day is Fridays before the boys get home, I love it when all clean, can enjoy the weekend.
    Have fun!

  6. I am loving your layouts! really gonna start scrapbooking this year just working out what to put on my first layout! need to print some photos so I can match things up!

  7. Hi Debbie,
    What a cute layout, i love the owl paper in the background [I'm a big owl lover]
    Jase and Harry have been on the Wii this afternoon trying to keep occupied bless them - the snow is only fun for so long.
    Take Care - Ju xxx


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