Friday, 8 January 2010

Another snowday....

All but one of the boys are off school again today - i really need this snow to stop as i have a list as long as my arm of things i want to get done!

Being trapped inside has however made me look at things a little differently and im enjoying rummaging through my supplies!! Before Christmas i packed everything away and when ive gone to get things back out ive found bits i completely forgot about and had stashed away in the SUMMER!! lol Im guessing a trip to the scrapbook stores isnt as desperate as i thought! lol

Ive made 2 layouts the last 2 days and i love playing with lots of bits! How cute is that little Party banner - its from the Tis the Season sticker line from Bo Bunny! This photograph of Ethan was just begging to be scrapped and i adore that pout!! Yes he has me twisted round his little finger! lol

Another layout made using some photos from Summer. *during Jakes ear op hence the white bandage*When the older boys got to stay at their nanas i took the two little ones out places as their treats, they got to choose and on these days Jake chose Nandos for lunch and a little local cafe for Chocolate sundaes! :) YUM!! Oh to be in those warmer days of Summer again - but as my oldest says, we have all this snow now, maybe we are in for a really hot Summer - YES PLEASE!! :)

Whats your plans for today? Are you snowed in too??


  1. We have another snow day here, but I don't mind that much as the boys are older they entertain themselves, I love your layouts really cute, I might even sort out my scrapbook stuff this afternoon.
    Have a good day

  2. Oh no. No, no, no! Much as this weather is annoying - a hot summer would be my nightmare. I hate being to hot. REALLY hate it. My favourite seasons are spring and autumn for the colours mostly but also because the temperatures are just right :-)

    Both my elder girls are off school and I have had a permanent headache for two days - they are at the bickering/killing each other stage. Only my toddler provides the relief when she wades in and breaks them up *g*

    Love your scrapbook pages - your style looks so effortless and well put together.

  3. Beautiful pages so detailed

  4. We moved to the Canadian westcoast from the Canadian prairies over the summer so this winter has been green and wet. I miss the snow so much - it just wasn't Christmas without it. I so envy you and your snow days!

  5. Gorgeous layouts.
    We're completely snowed in... especially being on a steep hill....but it means I can get some extra crafting done.

  6. We're snowed in here in High Wycombe,although it hasn't been as disruptive as the snow before Christmas. That was an absolute nightmare!! The main roads have been cleared but the more minor roads were not gritted until midday today. The side roads are treacherous with deep snow on packed ice.

    The upside is that, with so many people walking rather than driving, everyone is much friendlier - calling greetings to perfect strangers passing by. Seems a shame that when all this is over we shall all go back into our cars and studiously ignore anyone we pass in the street!!

    Made the shops this morning for essentials for us and our elderley neighbour. With more snow forecast for the weekend we shall see what next week brings.

  7. Hi Debbie,
    Another Snow day here with more forecast for Sunday and Monday - Dont get me wrong it is beautiful but i need my routine back and a feeling of normality.
    The layouts are beautiful and what a cute little boy and yes I have to agree that is a gorgeous pout.
    Take Care and Stay Safe - Ju xx


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