Sunday, 3 January 2010

Recipe Box Tutorial and Facebook link!!

Im so excited for tomorrow my stomach is growling already! The boys cant wait for me to start baking as ive put off doing any all weekend in favour of saving it for the coming weeks! :) They are ready to try some new things so we can be sure theres not going to be anything ive already featured on here and its not going to be something that takes days to make or hours to prepare etc....simple homecooked one pot meals, soups, cakes and bakes :)

In preparation i have made my recipe box to keep all the details in. I have 4x6 cards in each month which will hold a photograph of my finished dish, all the recipe details and a score out of 5 on whether i would make it again and whether it was a family favourite etc :)

Heres a tutorial on how i made my recipe box, you can of course use an existing one you have, adapt a journal, simply cut and cover an already made up box (one of those washing powder ones would do just as well) etc.......choice is yours.....remember to share pics and i will post a link in this post to your blog to share with everyone :)

Jo - MrsBee
Chubbles Crafts - recipe box

To start with you will need a sheet of cardstock 12x12 and another 12x6.5
Taking the shorter piece mark it at 5 inches and 7 inches - do the same at the bottom of the papaer too....
...score these lines and this to one side for now until the body of the box is made.
Now taking the 12x12, mark at 2inches, 4 inches, 9 inches and 11 inches...again do the same at the bottom of the page...
...fold and score...
Turn the paper 90 degrees and mark the edge at 3/4inches, 2 and 3/4inches, 9 and 1/4inches and finally 11 and 1/4inches...again for the bottom...
...score and fold.
Place the card so that the 1inch strip is facing you and cut up all 4 of the score lines to the sections shown below.
Turn your card 180 degrees and cut down to the first 2 inch section and then diagonally across the next 2 inch section finishing ith a straight line across the top of each of the 3/4 inch side strips.
Score down the centre of these diagonal pieces you just cut and fold in on themselves. This makes the lid hinge.
Fold in the strips at the bottom and secure in place with double sided tape, the 3/4in strip is layered ontop of the 2in strip which is then turned and layered on the bottom to create your side and base panel.
Do this for both sides and bring the front strip up, again securing in place with strong DST.
Now taking the shorter piece you scored earlier, cover 3 sides and the scored base with double sided tape.
Place your box base onto the scored centre of your shorter strip and press to secure, bring up the sides and press into place making sure you left the edge without tape at the front!
Now the fun part - its time to decorate as you wish :) I cut as piece of cherry paper just over 10.5inches and scored it 2 inches from each side. This way you cover the back with double sided tape and simple 'wrap around' the front and sides of your already built box.
I used ribbons, stickers and tags to decorate the front of my box and made 12 tabbed month cards to hold the recipe cards inside.
Work out how many Mondays there are in each month and pop your 4x6 recipe cards behind each month....that way they are ready just to pull out and fill in each week :)
I have started up a facebook page where you can all upload your pictures and chat about the recipes etc .....what you would do differently, do you have a different frosting for a certain cake etc - we can always work through your recipes too and add another section to our yearly box! :) FACEBOOK PAGE IS COUNTRYHEARTANDHOME COOKS - go join up now!

Im excited but worried too - please dont be too harsh on me and i really hope you all enjoy yourselves with our project :)


  1. cant wait debbie, gonna start on my recipe box tonight :)

  2. Now havent got any scrapbooking stuff for a couple of weeks. maybe I could just start on the baking and then make the box.

  3. I've signed up and am looking forward to getting started.
    Beki xxx

    p.s your box looks fab

  4. Debbie I am very excited about this
    it MIGHT even make me cook!

  5. Debbie I am very excited about this
    it MIGHT even make me cook!

  6. Debbie I am very excited about this
    it MIGHT even make me cook!

  7. Fab idea - its on my to do list.

  8. What a cute little box! I think covering an empty cat food box is probably the most adventurous I could be! xx

  9. Love the papers you have used. I'm going to have a go!

  10. what a great recipe box idea! off to follow you on FB!!!!

  11. Great idea, joined! Now if i can find my crafting mojo i will try the recipe box, thanks!!

  12. I'm really looking forward to this! Love the recipe box. I've never tried anything like this before but I'll have a go. Off to facebook now.....

  13. One box made - eventually - just waiting for the glue to dry. Don't normally "make" things so this was a challenge.

  14. Great news. I love carrot cake. Yum, can't wait.
    Rachael XX

  15. This is lovely Deb, I am going to make it on Tuesday when the boys have gone back to school...


  16. Hi Debbie,
    I love the recipe box - very cute - I'll be having a go at this and i've been over to facebook and i think i've become a friend/fan/member although i have no idea what i'm doing.
    Wish me luck
    Ju xxx

  17. Mine is done -

  18. Joined up to the Facebook page and have now caught up on posts too. Blimey - go sick for a few days and everyone blogs like mad, it's taken me all morning to catch up with everyone. Glad I did here though as this is one challenge I'm going to make SURE I keep up with :D


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