Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Chicken & Mozzarella Quesadillas step by step...

So simple, so quick, soooooooooo tasty!! :)

So, lets get going...gather all the ingredients as per shopping list...Dice everything finely...combine in a bowl...Heat up a large frying pan. Place one of the tortillas in the pan and top with some of the diced mix. Lay another tortilla on top and heat gently.Once the bottom tortilla is heated through, turn onto a plate and place back in the frying pan to warm through the other side. Heat until cheese is melted. Pop back on the plate, cut in quarters and keep warm until all 4 are made (or do like they did in my house and have a line of little people all waiting with their plates! Honestly i would swear you would think i never fed them!!) LOL


  1. That looks really yummy...I could just eat it!xx

  2. That is exactly what they would be like in my house too. Makes sense really how the little people think.

    Will be having a go another day.

  3. mmmmm - iwent straight to the Super Mafter work and got the ingredients and YUM we had it for dinner!
    I did add a splodge of extra hot salsa as i love spicing things up - but how delicious and had the remainder in a sandwich today!
    am going to check your recipes for more now!


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