Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Here is a picture of the cake with our first piece taken out and i must say its a lot more coloured than i thought it would be!! :)
HOWEVER.....i think next time i wouldnt add as much fresh fruit on the inside, the orange was the best tasting layer (and the biggest!) lol, next favourite was the blueberry, the kiwi didnt really taste of much and the strawberry was really gooey.

Thats the good thing about trying out these recipes as i get to do it again... lol Next time ive decided just to add colouring, fresh fruit inside the cake mixed in with whipped cream and again covered in whipped cream. I will finish off with a compote and chocolate chip sprinkle once its served.

Now i must go and make a start on the Wii Fit Plus (it isnt even out of its wrapper yet!) ;)


  1. there was a really good article about making food colouring out of fruit in the metro the other day. this woman boiled up the fruit with sugar and then used similar quantities of fruit extract as you would food colouring. i think food colouring is just awful and full of all sorts of nasties. this woman makes everything using her fruit mix. she did say strawberries are not so good for red, raspberries are the best. for green she used spinach, but you couldn't taste it.

    found it for you:

  2. Oooh thanks for the link hun! I would prefer to go down the natural route so will give that a go :)

  3. Mmm, looks seriously scrummy Debbie! Have fun on your Wii!! xx

  4. My kids used to love marble cake - similar to your layers but use a large cake tin instead of layer ones, add spoonfuls of different coloured mix randomly, then when full, use a squewer or kebab stick to gently swirl through the mixture.
    Once it was cooked I used to use a bread knife to make layers so it could be frosted.


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