Monday, 26 January 2009

Almost a stone!!

If i lose 3lb i will hit the 1stone mark!! :D *does a little more energetic dance than i could do last month* I will upload the tutorial for the gift box tomorrow and some things that i make today but i just had to shout about my weight for now (and my size 12 trousers!!) as im so pleased my willpower is working for me instead of against for a change! LOL


  1. oh well done you you look fab! good idea with the picture as well i wish id done that! i was a bit naughty at the weekend and put 2lbs back on that i had lost in the week so only a 1lb weight loss again this week :-( so just 8lbs so far with another 6 to go!!! eek!!! you keep focused - i had my hair cut and looks very similar to your new haircut as well LOL
    Lesley x

  2. Looking great there, well done on your loss! xox

  3. You look wonderful....well done hun!xxxx

  4. Well done on weight loss. You look great!


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