Thursday, 8 January 2009

Birthday Boy!!

Its my hubbys birthday today.....( love you honey!!)
We took him into our favourite hangout.....Cafe Rouge. Its where me and Ethan go for coffee and chats - putting the kiddy world to rights over a basket of pastries and 2 cups of tea :) Anyways, we had breakfast there this morning with dh and wandered around for a little while (too cold to stay for too long and Ethan just wanted to find the busker so he could give him his pennies - how adorable is he!)
This afternoon i have made a batch of cupcakes and a huge chocolate cake for dh's birthday tea - they seriously think they can skip lasagne and go for the overdose of chocolate first! LOL
I started reading Out of the Blue by Belinda Jones but cant get into it - i did pick up Marshmallows for Breakfast and The Secret Life of Bees from the charity shops, has anyone read those and what did you think? Or if you have read Out of the Blue - should i stick with it??

Sorry i have only just gotten round to picking someone for the rak set at New Year :D

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Yayy, Sue can you send me your addy please and i will get a goodies bag on its way to you :)


  1. I have the book Marshmallows for brekfast - also picked up from charity shop- havn't read it yet, reading the one you lent me first then that one!


  2. I can vouch for secret life of bees. My book group read it last year and I think it was the first book that every one of us loved!

  3. Happy birthday to your husband. Have a wonderful day, well with such a lovely chocolate cake that won't be a problem ; )

  4. Ahh NOW i know why you want my addy LOL
    I have about 40 books to read atm.!
    Not any of those but they sound interesting.

  5. Thanks for reminding me.. I have the Secret life of bees too but forgot all about it. We can compare notes!!! Have youd read twilight. I highly recommned it. Currently reading Martine Cole's Faces

  6. Marshmallows for Breakfast is a great book as her other book My Best Friend's girl.
    I have the Secret Life of Bees sulking on my bookshelf too I bought it an age ago but still have never got round to reading it.
    Lovely blog btw.

  7. I loved the secret life of bees - I heard they've just made it into a film, and I'll watch that too. I think you'd like it :-)
    jk xx


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