Sunday, 4 January 2009

Family Sunday :)

DH has been flying today and my mum, sister and niece came to visit. Five noisy kids, one very long game of trivial pursuits and some baking this afternoon (chocolate cookies for the boys packed lunches tomorrow - cranberry and white chocolate cookies for dh - hes addicted!) Detox starts tomorrow so i have bowls of healthy snacks incase i want to pick - fruit, veg, nuts, pulses onto my 3rd day without caffine and after a whopping headache yesterday i feel so much better today. All im drinking is camomile and fruit teas. After 21 days of the detox and no meat or alcohol i am hoping to maybe carry on after that and turn vegetarian. ( notice how i didnt say tee-total! LOL) I cant promise anything as ive always been a meat fan but im trying concious eating and will see how i get on! Oprah has a lot to answer for! LOL

I have loved having the boys off school but boy are we all ready for tomorrow! The novelty of being off has worn off for them and im looking forward to having a routine back. Uniforms are ready, packed lunches are planned and the alarm clock is set :)

Oh and arent these stamps just the cutest ever!!


  1. Love those stamps :-)
    my two arent back in school till Tuesday due to an inset day but i am so ready to get back into the swing of normal routines (and have some time for me again!)
    Good luck with the detox - mine starts tomorrow eek! am eating as much as possible today then a 3 day fruit and water detox !!!
    Lesley x

  2. How cute, just like the momiji dolls.
    happy new year to you all.

  3. Debbie I love thos stamps think I might have to find them

    Hope evreything is going well, Love the look of the blog



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