Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday monday..

You know when you start reading a book and its just not the right time? Thats what happened with me and Eat Pray Love. You may remember i said a while ago that after seeing Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah i had to buy her book. I struggled to read it as, at the same time, i was reading A New Earth and both books needed full attention. I picked E L P back up again 4 days ago and finished it today - i love it! I cant recommend it highly enough - Elizabeth Gilbert is an inspirational woman who goes on a journey to Italy, India and Bali to Eat Pray and Love. Go check it out :)

I am off on my own journey in March. Dhanakosa is a budhist retreat in Scotland that provides weekends of yoga and meditation! A whole weekend of silence, thankful prayer and meditation - bliss! Im too excited!

No layouts to share just yet and because of the diet i havent been baking but thats all going to change tomorrow as the kids have requested chocolate cake so im making a Falling in Love Chocolate Pie!!


  1. The retreat in Scotland sounds a wonderful idea something a few of us could do with but never mange it so well done you...hope you get out of it all that you want...and I love the new look of your Blog....and Debbie when is your shop open for business x

  2. Hello Stranger!! I read this book and looooved it!! I bought it for my sister and she said the same thing that she couldn't get in to it and then she picked it up again another time and couldn't put it down. Hope all is going well with you!xoxoxo


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