Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Gift box tutorial :)

I had a couple of emails asking how i made the window gift box so i thought it best to make another and do a little tutorial :)

This fits perfectly onto a sheet of 12x12 patterned papr or cardstock. It needs to be thick card so that the sides are stable and it will retain its box shape.I now have one of the shapes that i keep as a template to save working out the measurements each time, i simply draw around that. I forgot to leave little flaps on the sides where they are glued to the front so remember to leave approx .5cm extra to reinforce the folds.Cut it out. Then score down each of the fold marks - these are easy to work out.
Punch a shape into one of the sides of your box (this isnt necessary and you can leave it as a little windowless box if you prefer) Place double sided tape (dst) on the reverse of the hole and attach either accetate or vellum.Fold all of the sides up on themselves and attach dst to the 2 small flaps and the 2 larger side reinforcements. These are then folded in and stuck down.Fill the box with the goodies you are wanting to give and then pinch the top 2 sections together. Punch 2 holes and thread with ribbon.
Attach a tag and some embellishments if required and voila its done!Not rocket science but i was pleased i worked it out - feel free to use it as you wish :)


  1. Thats lovely Debbie and I would imagine after doing one quite easy ....but very effective x

  2. Dear debbie, this is lovely, I was just wondering if you would have the sizing of the outline to hand?

    Many thanks


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