Saturday, 3 January 2009

Lazy Saturday......

I went bargain hunting yesterday whilst out on the hunt for printer ink. It wasnt intentional though but when i was in M&S i spotted the chocolate cups my mum has mentioned before and im sure she paid around £2/£3 for a pack......2 packs left......never had them before....oh no what do i do theres no price on the shelf!! EEK!! OK, pick up both packs as someone else is eyeing them, wander over to the checkout and ask if she can check the price........ 96p!!! I almost took her hand off! LOL *i promise the diet is still starting monday as these have until 05/09 date on them so no hurry* haha
While i was at the checkout though there was little box that someone had obviously changed their mind about then just dumped. It looked like a sweet little jam box and it wasnt until i got outside i saw what it actually happy, simple things n all that!! :DThen a visit to Accessorize saw me bagging a new ring (its HUGE), a fab new locket necklace and a lovely little sweet thoughts book (plain inside to record things) - all for £6! The ring was meant to be £10 before the sale so i was rather impressed! :)I got back just after lunch and I finished my first layout of 2009 (bearing in mind i hardly scrapped at all in the latter half of 2008)Chatterbox papers
butterfly button embellishments
Rub ons
chalk ink

Claire gave my blog a lovely award :D I have to post a piccie of the award here and list 5 obsessions (im not going to go down the family and friends route as there arent enough numbers so i will do a purely selfish pleasure obsession list!) i have then pass the blog on to 5 more fab bloggers :D

My five obsessions are:-


This is hard as i love so many blogs its hard to choose just 5 so I pass this award on to the first 5 people who comment on this blog - i visit all of your blogs after you have left comments and although i may not comment myself, i often wander back over to see how things are going and love catching up :D

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  1. tut tut at those chocolate cups - thats no way to start a diet :-D
    sounds like you had some nice shopping results!!!
    Lesley x


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