Tuesday, 6 January 2009

What was that i said about 21 days??

Erm im thinking i might switch to a 3 day detox and then just extreme healthy eating for the rest of the month. Then eek things (like cranberry and white chocolate cookies yumm!) back into my eating as treats. There has been so much stuff published and talked about lately about how much damage and unnecessary detoxs are that it kinda made me feel as though maybe 21 days was a little excessive.....3 days sounds better, that way im still doing it but i dont feel so guilty! LOL
I am still however cutting out meat, caffine and alcohol for the 21 days. - im now onto day 5 of no caffine and besides a headache again last night i feel so much better and i dont wake up with that yack taste anymore!
Alcohol - well i dont drink much anyways so thats not a problem.
Meat - now heres the deal...we are a meat eating family, always have been probably always will be . We like stews and broths, casseroles and sunday dinners. I think 21 days of no meat will maybe make me think a little more on using free range and organic animal products as its mainly the ethics that bother me if that makes sense.
OK Enough waffling.
I thought i would give Julian Graves another go after the poisonous pinenut disaster and went in today with plans of buying a couple of bags of nuts etc and i wander out with 7, yes SEVEN bags of various fruits and nuts later (had to buy more storage too!!) A lot of them were half price in the sale so well worth stocking up on when they have long dates! :) Bargain shopping too - this set of drawer will hold all my baking trays, moulds etc in the kitchen and it was only £19.99 in the sale! :DCurrently reading Shopaholic and Baby - so cool, so funny, so Becky!! Anyone who likes chick-lit has to read the shopaholic series of books.


  1. love the Shopaholic series they are great books :-) 21 days does sound like a long time for the detox thing - im on day 2 of my 3 day one but thats as good as it gets ! then extreme healthy eating and i usually cut out carbs which works for me but am craving a chinese at the moment eek!!!
    good luck!
    Lesley x

  2. Hope the detox goes well. I decided all the goodies need eating up first LOL

    Love and blessings

  3. Great buys you have found.

    I have never read a chicklit, but I will try one, maybe I will like them a lot !!
    Have a great day !!


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