Monday, 5 January 2009

Detox Day 1...

So far so good, about 15 hot camomile/fruit/mix teas during today and a bowl of fruit for lunch.... salad for tea and more water/tea later and thats almost day 1 complete! Me and little one even walked to the local shops which we are going to do each day for exercise. Im sure that if im out and about buying fresh stuff each day i will be more inclined to stick to it :)

Here is yesterdays layout - i cant share todays as it includes the before pics of my diet - not a pretty site and thats fully clothed!! LOL


  1. My exhausted husband and I are now on a New Year's 2 week detox with significantly modified diet and pills. I decided to keep track of it out my website and share recipes that actually taste good while you detox (not all of them were good but anyway). I'm sure the biggest effect of the detox is the modified diet more than the pills but by laying down some cash for the pills it makes us stick to the diet.

    We are craving sweets & cheese like crazy but we are 25% of the way there. Read our journey each day over at


  2. ooo good start Debbie keep up the good work!!! i started yesterday and doing ok so far - was very hungry last night but find after 2/3 days its not so bad............
    Lesley x

  3. Just dropping by to wish you a fantastic Newyear !!! Sorry I'm so late, but I have been terribly busy already in this new year ; ) Lots of happiness and health !!

    Great layout and good luck with the detox !!!


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